FLYING BEES honey beer


What’s in your mind when it comes to ‘’Beer’’?

Yellow? Fizzy? Bitter taste? Or unchangeable taste among all brands ?

A truly great beer can be out of your imagination!

A great beer must have a nice recipe and use only high quality ingredients.
It is a taste of passion and brewing skills from brew master (that’s something industrial manufacturing can’t do), of course, you might be thinking “that kind of beer isn’t the thing you can bump into”

Don’t worry, STEERSMAN BREWERY has got everything we just mentioned

We use high quality ingredients and our passion to brew every batch of beer. All the effort is to create the highest quality craft beer for you. Our slogan “Steer Your Own Life” aims to encourage people to explore new things, just like you try our beer and we expect every your boldly try will reward you with a wonderful taste , let’s explore this brand new beer world together!
It’s about time,
grab a glass of STEERSMAN BREWERY beer
then release your adventurous spirit.
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